3 Pillars of Success

In this section, I will discuss the 3 main pillars of success in fighting off Candida Yeast Overgrowth. Remember, this is a marathon, not a race. You need to be consistent with these changes to make a long-term impact on your health. Just think of how long Candida-related issues have been bothering you. Has it been 1 year or the whole 10 years? The longer you’ve been having this issue, the more time the Candida had to penetrate all over your body.

The good news is that Candida responds well to the Candida Meal Plan using the following 3 pillars of success.

1. The Meal Plan

This is an anti-inflammatory diet, specifically targeted at starving Candida albicans of their favorite food (primarily, sugar and starches). This plan includes a healthy amount of proteins; no gluten, low-starch carbs; and healthy fats. The foods that you will eat are one of the most important things that you can do to combat Candida. It supersedes the following two elements.

2. Taking Antifungals

This step will speed up the process of killing off Candida Overgrowth. Natural or prescription antifungals work by inhibiting glucan and chitin synthesis (1). Both, chitin and glucan are a form of sugar. Effectively, the antifungals prevent Candida albicans from synthesizing sugar as food, thus, starving it. Then the starved Candida populations die off. This brings us to the third pillar of success.

3. Taking Probiotics

Once the Candida albicans colonies start to die off, it’s best to populate and replenish the gut flora with “good bacteria.” That’s where probiotics come into play. A good and balanced gut biome is the foundation of the gut and overall health. As they say, the gut controls your mood. Indeed, the overwhelming 95% of serotonin is produced exclusively in the gut (2). It’s important to choose the right strains of probiotics, to repopulate the gut bacteria and keep the Candida albicans population in check.

With these three elements, you are well-enamored to succeed in the fight against Candida Yeast Overgrowth. It’s important to implement these changes gradually and in stages to prevent a major Candida Die-Off effect. For example, you can start by implementing the Candida Meal Plan. Once you feel that you don’t have any side effects or symptoms of the Die-Off effect, you can move to the next step of implementing the Anfitungals and Probiotics. Remember to stay consistent and persistent in implementing and sticking with these changes to see the long-term benefits in your health.